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VespaZombie (2014, Berlin) by Untune | Tumblr | Facebook

Name: Christian Arichabala
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I created a series of flyers with illustrator Keni Thomas for a weekly party called “The Groovement”. His trademark quirky, street-art style was perfect for the hip-hop event. Attached is only 1 of 6 flyers created and you can find the rest if you click the Behance link below. Hope you like it.


Model/Makeup: Livia Lai
Photographer: Valerie Bong
Illustration/Art Direction: Vanessa Bong

“Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.” 

Wait - Type + Pattern by Koning

Name: Sophie Whitely



This is some more bridal wear I designed over the summer just for fun, I really love my internship so I felt super inspired to illustrate a lot of bridal. enjoy! Time: 25mins Sketch, 30mins to Colour, about another 20mins editing the final touches. 2H Pencil, Micron Pens, Copic x Prismacolour Markers, Prismacolor Pencil Crayons. 


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The Butcher #snowpiercer #character #illustration