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It’s always interesting to see when artists depart from typical art materials such as paint and opt for other interesting mediums like food. Purnell is one of these artists that repetitively recreates trees, flags, chickens, flowers, turtles and hummingbirds entirely out of food Art . The precision and color of Purnell’s work is incredibly striking to look at.

Egg Art: How Wen Fuliang Turns Useless Eggshells into Pricelss Art Pieces

L I V E   N O I S E : cubicle ( adam keith )

Carbon & Aerosol 

#1 of 1

by Danny Milanese

Self Portrait


Here is the first page to my short wordless narrative of the true story of an orca that was stranded on a beach in New Zealand in 1997 and was returned to the sea by a group of volunteers. The orca was named Ben.

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"One" (2014)

Nina Elliott

"Ode to Koch" (2014)

Nina Elliott

"Spirit Temple" (2014)

Nina Elliott

Fast Asleep 

anamorphic charcoal painting