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L I V E   N O I S E   s e r i e s   : altar of flies ( mattias gustasson )

by danny milanese

"paul mccartney" -

recently posted my “john lennon" illustration on this blog (as well as offering it up for sale on my site ) and so i decided to make one of sir paul as well. be warned though, this may lead to a george and a ringo too ;)

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Two Mastercopies- Menzel (left), Ribera (right)
Evan Kitson
Red (and some blue) Pencil on Sketchbook Paper, Completed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2013.

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By: Jessica Riddell

I am an AP Studio Art student. Every student has to pick a concentration theme to do their artwork based off of for the entire course length. I chose evolution as my theme. This is the second stage, the Ordovician Period, to my concentration drawings. There will be twelve artworks in all at the end of the course. The medias I am using are graphite and watercolor pencils. The backgrounds are in graphite and the animals are in watercolor. The graphite helps to show more detail and depth in the land as the environment changes throughout my drawings. The animals are in color to create a contrast and because they are my focal points.

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